ELCOM, profiles and transitics

Within the hellomoov’ group, with more than 30 years of experience, ELCOM is present in France with 3 production sites in France (Bourgoin Jallieu (38), Challans (85),Frépillon (95), and 1 in Germany. Elcom has also developped a wide distributor network.

History : key dates in elcom history

Creation of elcom

Acquisition and construction of Bourgoin-jallieu plant (4800m2)

Creation of TLM and second plant in Le Plessis-Bouchard (Paris region) (1100m2)

ISO 9001 certification

TLM moves to new premises

Eric Verne takes over Elcom

Elcom and TLM merger

Takeover of Elcom Deutschland

Creation of an Elcom showroom

Launch of the new ITS transfer range

Le Plessis-Bouchard plant moves to new premises in Frepillon (1600m2)

30 years of Elcom

Following these acquisitions, and in order to support the group’s development, a new brand was created, hellomoov’. The aim of this new brand is to:

-provide the market with a clear, comprehensive offering, thanks to the many solutions and possibilities offered by the Group’s companies

highlight local brands (elcom, Coris, Faber), which are now part of a long-term, innovative project

Elcom continues its external growth with the acquisition of Transept, enabling it to offer the market all standard sizes of aluminum profiles, to complete its ranges of belt conveyors and linear transfers, and to strengthen its presence in western France, the company being based in Challans (Pays de Loire).

Elcom and Transept merge under the elcom name to consolidate elcom’s leading position in the French market. H’Factory, which brings together the project activities of elcom and Faber, is created to strengthen these activities and improve the offer to the market.

Deployment of a new graphic identity with the new elcom logo

The Founders of elcom

The idea of elcom was born from collaboration between Alain Teillon and Didier Dailler, with the objective of marketing modular construction elements. In 1988, they launched the company, which quickly prospered thanks to a close-knit team. During the first years, all profits were reinvested in inventory to efficiently meet customer demands, while offering an innovative product. The 1990s were marked by the development of many products, and elcom flourished in its initial premises of 1000 m² located in the Bourgoin-Jallieu region. The founders, with their innovative technical ideas, allowed the company to grow and structure itself to meet the varied needs of their industrial customers.

The Early Years and Key Dates

In 1988, elcom decided to distribute a range of profiled products in France, meeting with immediate success which supported the growth of the company for more than 25 years. The quality of financial management, imbued with common sense, of the managers was a key factor in this success.

In 1991, elcom acquired land to establish a new factory.

In 1993, the company achieved stable development.

In 2000, after several projects, elcom improved its transfer and conveyor systems, launching the TLM range. This complement to the profiled products paved the way for the internationalization of the company. A second factory was inaugurated in Frépillon, in the Paris region. The profiles and products in the elcom range have offered their customers innovations in terms of use, modularity and an alternative to mechanical welding techniques.

The creation of TLM

TLM, created in 2000, established its new premises at the beginning of 2004, after having worked in the former premises of elcom. During the first four years, TLM collaborated with domestic customers, including automotive and electromechanical OEMs, offering simple and efficient belt conveyors and pallet transfer systems. This success strengthened the reputation of elcom, which marketed TLM products in France, thus expanding its offering. At that time, Franck Stache, returning from the United States, took the initiative to launch elcom GMBH to develop exports to Germany.

The Acquisition of elcom Deutschland

Germany is the largest industrial market in Europe, offering enormous development potential for our company. It is essential for elcom to assert itself proactively and sustainably in this growing market.

Thus, the company elcom recently acquired all the shares of the company elcom Deutschland. This acquisition is of major strategic importance for the realization of our industrial project, to consolidate our position on the German market, and to open up more to the global market, because German companies export their know-how throughout the world.

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