Heavy load pallet conveyor TRM

The heavy load pallet conveyor TRM has been designed  to move heavy products  (until 100kg) on pallets sizes from 436×436 mm to 836×836 mm in all conditions thanks to the  mechanical transmission by chain and steel rollers. It offers a good positioning repeatability of (+/-)0,1 mm.

The characteristics of TRM transfer

This conveyor system has several key features. Firstly, it is fully modular, meaning it can be adapted and configured to suit the specific needs of your moving products. You can adjust the dimensions of the TRM transfer so that it perfectly matches the characteristics of your products.

The modular design of the TRM transfer allows great flexibility in its use. You can add or remove elements based on your application requirements. For example, you can integrate side guides to hold your products in place during transport, or add braking devices to ensure precise stopping at specific points.

Another advantage of the TRM transfer is its ease of installation. Due to its modular design, it can be quickly assembled and integrated into your existing conveyor system. This helps reduce downtime and optimize the overall efficiency of your production line.

The TRM transfer is designed to provide high reliability and long-term durability. The materials used in its manufacture are robust and resistant, which guarantees its ability to support heavy loads consistently and without compromising the quality of transport.

The TRM transfer is a modular and configurable conveying solution designed to transport heavy loads. Its flexibility, ease of installation and reliability make it an effective choice for applications requiring the transport of products of different sizes.

Technical specifications

Here are some specific technical details to consider:

  • Pallet dimensions: The TRM transfer is capable of transporting pallets with dimensions of up to 400 x 2500 mm. This means that it can accommodate loads of different sizes and shapes, providing great flexibility in the transport process.
  • Pallet Load Capacity: The TRM transfer is designed to support pallet loads of up to 100 kg. It is important to respect this load limit to ensure optimal operation of the system.

Accessories available

The TRM transfer can be equipped with various accessories to meet the specific needs of your application. Here are some examples :

    • Leg (addition of feet): This option reinforces the stability of the transfer by adding additional feet. This is particularly useful when you have heavy or unstable loads to transport.
    • Stopper: A stopper can be installed on the TRM transfer to set precise stopping points when moving the pallets. This allows the position of loads to be precisely controlled during the conveying process.
    • Detector support: This support is designed to accommodate specific sensors or detectors. It allows the integration of automatic detection systems for operations such as sorting, verification or identification of transported products.
    • Positioner: A positioner can be added to the TRM transfer to align or orient the pallets according to specific criteria. This facilitates integration with other equipment or production processes.

These accessories provide additional adaptation and customization possibilities to meet the specific needs of your application. They allow you to optimize the operation of the TRM transfer according to your specific requirements.

Use of transfer TRM

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