Tubular aluminum profile D28 D30

Tubular aluminum profiles, such as the elcom D30 profile, offer a versatile and practical solution for building lightweight and robust structures. One of the key advantages of these profiles is their ease of implementation, thanks to assemblies without machining and simple connections which do not require great precision. This allows maximum flexibility when realizing your ideas and offers a high degree of freedom when designing modular systems.

Advantages of tubular aluminum profile

Aluminum tubes provide maximum component performance by being significantly lighter than steel structures while remaining stable. This lightness is made possible thanks to the advantages of profiled tubes, which allow solid and reliable assemblies. Regardless of the positions or angles required, connections with tubular aluminum profiles offer great flexibility to meet your needs.

Aluminum is also recognized for its great strength and excellent corrosion resistance, making it an ideal material for many industrial applications. Its light weight also helps reduce the overall weight of the structures, which can lead to cost savings and greater ease of handling during assembly.

When it comes to machining, aluminum profiles and tubes can be easily cut to the required length. The assembly elements are designed to compensate for cutting tolerances or angular errors, further simplifying the construction process. Unlike other materials, no additional machining is required, saving time and money

the advantages of the range of tubular profiles D28 and D30

  • It makes it easy to adjust existing applications as needed.
  • The connection technique used ensures long-term stability of the structures.
  • This system is fully compatible with round tube profiles.

Tubular profile D30

The D30 aluminum tube line, used as part of the BASE 30 system, offers universal flexibility to meet your controlled supply needs. With this system, you can create tailor-made solutions tailored to your specific production environment. Maximum stability is ensured with minimal assembly effort, saving time and resources.

One of the key advantages of the BASE 30 system is its ability to be easily adjusted, supplemented and modified according to changing production requirements. This allows for significant adaptability and scalability, which is essential in a dynamic and ever-changing production environment.

By using the BASE 30 system, you can optimize your production processes by reducing downtime, improving material flow and promoting better workspace organization. This results in increased overall productivity, reduced costs and better quality of finished products.

The advantages of the D30 and D28 tubular profiles

The H’elcom D30 Aluminum Tube line, integrated into the BASE 30 system, presents several notable advantages that provide great flexibility, stability and efficiency for your projects.


One of the main advantages of the Aluminum Tube D30 line is its exceptional flexibility, which allows easy adaptation to your specific needs. The fixing can be moved individually at the junction point, providing freedom of positioning and configuration in the construction of your structures. In addition, thanks to the tube adapter, you can obtain free angular positions for the profile assemblies, allowing varied and creative designs. Another great flexibility is the possibility of assembling D30 profiles with 28 tubular systems, which offers extensive compatibility and the possibility of integrating different elements into your constructions.


The D30 Aluminum Tube line offers remarkable stability thanks to its high quality material. It prevents settling of fixings, thus ensuring long-term durability and solidity of your structures. This increased stability helps reduce maintenance costs because you have less need for frequent repairs or replacements. You can be confident that your buildings remain strong and reliable, even in demanding environments.


Thanks to its great stability, the Aluminum Tube D30 line offers significant efficiency in your projects. By reducing maintenance costs, you save time and money in the long run. Additionally, the ease of one-person assembly minimizes personnel costs, maximizing the overall efficiency of your operations. You can complete your projects faster and more cost-effectively, while maintaining high quality.

In summary, the Aluminum Tube D30 line of the BASE 30 system offers considerable advantages in terms of flexibility, stability and efficiency. With flexible fixing and positioning possibilities, long-lasting stability and optimization of maintenance and personnel costs, you can achieve customized, strong and cost-effective structures.

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