Cartesian robot Move on X-Y axis

Palletizing, packing, gluing, viewing, welding as many applications that can be carried out with a Cartesian robot.

The usefulness of the Cartesian robot

It can cover a defined area to perform an automatic task. A tool or a gripper is embarked at the end. Motorized axis are in charge of moving it from point to point thanks to actuators.

Based on your specifications, it can be engineered with 2 or 3 axis.

Different versions are available. Either mounted in height on a supporting structure made of h’80 40 or h’10 45fit profiles, it can also be used to hang casing panels. Access to the area via secure swing or sliding doors can be integrated.

The X-axis can also be used to move a tower on which the 2nd and 3rd axes are located. This configuration is most often used in storage aisles, for example in the following areas

The presence of grooves on the whole installation allows easy addition of peripheral components (cable carrier chain, detectors, box…).


h’elcom‘s Cartesian systems are often installed in the form of portals. The name gantry is given to structures consisting of a horizontal element supported by several vertical elements between which it is possible to pass.


For this purpose, h’elcom offers guide sets that allow a load to be moved in 2 or 3 axis.

Guide diameters: 6, 10, 14, 25mm

Concentric/excentric steel rollers

Crossed rollers

Ball bearing slides PS4-15, PS4-20 and PS4-25

Toothed belt drive: width 10, 25, 50 mm

Rack and pinion drive

Ball screw drive

Possible adaptation of your engine

Detector support

Fully compatible with h’elcom profiles


On-demand manufacturing from standard elements

Assembly in our workshops – Reduced lead time

Long service life

Increased repeatability


Low maintenance

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