Aluminum profile

Aluminum profiles are construction elements widely used in many industrial sectors due to their remarkable properties. They are made from aluminum, a light, strong and malleable metal. This combination of characteristics makes it a versatile material, suitable for a variety of applications.

h' 8 40

The H'8 40 aluminum profile range offers a vast selection of more than 3,000 accessories and profiles, establishing a reference standard for the design and construction of mechanically assembled solutions in 40x40 sections. .

h' 10 45

The H'10 45 range offers more than 2000 references of accessories and aluminum profiles, making it the reference standard for the design and construction of industrial subassemblies mechanically assembled in 45×45 sections.

h' 8 45

With a selection of more than 1,500 accessories and aluminum profiles, the H' 8 45 range stands out as an essential standard in the line 8 category, offering a 45x45 section.

Tubular range

The aluminum profiles of the D28 and D30 tubular range offer you a useful solution for the construction of various light and robust structures.


Elcom offers you a wide choice of accessories to insert during your assemblies of one or more aluminum profiles in order to improve the functionality and versatility of your structures

the advantages of aluminum profiles

One of the main advantages of aluminum profiles is their lightness. In fact, aluminum is approximately three times lighter than steel, making them easier to handle, transport and install.

In addition to being light, aluminum profiles offer high mechanical resistance. They can support significant loads and resist compressive, tensile, bending or shear stresses. Their structural strength makes them a preferred choice for applications requiring increased reliability and durability. In addition, aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance, thanks to the formation of a thin protective oxide layer on its surface. This makes it a material suitable for outdoor, humid and aggressive environments.

Aluminum profiles are recyclable, making them an ecological and sustainable option.

Aluminum profiles are essential elements in various industries, offering great versatility, high strength and exceptional lightness

a wide range of aluminum profiles

Elcom offers a wide range of more than 500 references of BASE aluminum profiles with grooves, which stand out for their great modularity. This variety of profiles makes it possible to meet various needs

Distribution of the range

4 types of grooves :

– Profiles with 5 mm grooves (Line 5) BASE 5

– Profiles with 6 mm grooves (Line 6) BASE 6

– Profiles with 8 mm grooves (Line 8) BASE 8

– Profiles with 10 mm grooves (Line 10) BASE 10

4 categories :

– Profiles with a section of 20 mm (20X20)

– Profiles with a section of 30 mm (30X30)

– Profiles with a section of 40 mm (40X40)

– Profiles with a section of 45 mm (45X45)

3 standards :

– h’ 8 40
– h’ 10 45
– h’ 8 45

One question ?

Elcom has experts who help you in the design of your project, they are technicians, like you!

Aluminum profile range 40x40 mm h'8 40

As the first profile introduced to the French market more than 30 years ago, H’8 40 is available with grooves of 5, 6, 8 and 10, which allows you to create aesthetic solutions that enhance your investments in your workshops, both for your employees and for your machines.

These aluminum profiles are durable, guaranteeing the longevity of the mechanical-industrial solutions in which you invest. Aluminum does not rust or corrode, making it unalterable and suitable for long-term use.

An eco-friendly aluminum profile

In addition, aluminum is an eco-responsible material, making it a sustainable choice for the planet. The H’8 40 range is part of an ecological approach within the hellomoov’ group, a #greentech ecosystem.

In summary, the H’8 40 profiles adapt perfectly to equivalent profiles of the same section already present in your workshops. However, by opting for H’8 40, you benefit from the possibility of integrating the transformation directly into the heart of your workshops, making them perfectly inter-modular and connected to Moovitique®.

H’8 40 profiles can find applications in many other industrial sectors depending on the specific needs of each project.

By choosing H’8 40, you benefit from the security and speed of supply from a global partner with an extensive presence in France. In addition, you can count on the expert support of the H’8 40 team and be assured of robust, durable and technically certified solutions.

Buy a 40x40mm aluminum profile

Elcom have a wide distritbution network in Europe, don’t hesitate to contact us !

Aluminum profile range 45x45 mm h'10 45

The result of proven know-how by our product experts, these profiles are available with 6 and 10 grooves, offering several advantages:

Aesthetics: They highlight the investments you make in your workshops, both for your employees and for your machines.

Durable: They guarantee the longevity of the industrial mechanical solutions in which you invest, because aluminum does not rust or undergo corrosion.

Eco-responsible: The use of aluminum as a material contributes to the sustainability of the planet.

In addition, the H’10 45 range adapts perfectly to other equivalent profiles of the same section that you may already have in your workshops.

An eco-responsible aluminum profile

Discover the many creative possibilities offered by the H’10 45 range of profiles and accessories. Whether for casing, machine frames, cabinets, workstations, give free rein to your imagination by assembling and disassembling the elements of the H’10 45 standard.

The future of mechanically modular solutions assembled in aluminum profiles is within your reach with the H’10 45 range.

Aluminum profile range 45x45 mm h'8 45

The result of the recognized expertise of our product experts, this standard is specially designed to meet the needs of industrial subassemblies.

The products in the H’ 8 45 range combine functionality and aesthetics, thus enhancing the investments you make in your workshops, whether for the well-being of your teams or to optimize the performance of your machines. In addition, their remarkable durability guarantees the longevity of the mechanical-industrial solutions in which you invest, by resisting corrosion and rust.

By choosing the H’ 8 45 range, you demonstrate a commitment to environmental protection. Indeed, the aluminum used in the manufacture of profiles is an ecologically responsible material, and our Hellomoov’ ecosystem is part of a resolutely #greentech approach.

A unique aluminum profile

This standard adapts perfectly to all equivalent profiles of the same section, thus opening up a range of possibilities.

Benefit from the security and speed of supply from a partner with a global presence

Benefit from expert support from our experienced team.

Opt for solutions that are robust, durable and certified for their technical performance, thus guaranteeing you peace of mind.

The unique groove design of this standard allows you to use standard hex nuts, making it easier to assemble the elements.

Explore the countless creative solutions offered by the range of H’ 8 45 profiles and accessories. Whether for casing, construction of machine frames, cabinets or workstations, unleash your imagination and assemble, disassemble and reuse the elements of this standard according to your needs.

The future of mechanically assembled modular solutions in aluminum profiles is now within your reach thanks to the H’ 8 45 range.

The different types of profile grooves

The H’elcom BASE range offers a vast selection of very modular grooved aluminum profiles. It includes 5mm grooved profiles (Line 5), 6mm grooved profiles (Line 6), 8mm grooved profiles (Line 8), and 10mm grooved profiles (Line 10) . These different options make it possible to choose the profile best suited to the specific needs of the project, thus offering exceptional flexibility and opening the door to numerous design possibilities for mechanical-industrial solutions.


The profiles of the BASE5 line are ideal for small applications. BASE5 means that the groove measures 5mm. This type of groove is most often used for structures that support light loads.
BASE5 will be very commonly used in conjunction with other types of profiles to save on the material costs of a complex structure while still meeting the project requirements. This line of very compact profiles guarantees full functionality at a reduced weight.
Did you know that? BASE5 also means that an M5 thread can be made in the heart of the profile to mount a fastener, foot or other element FIXE.

BASE5 is an h ‘8 40 standard..


Choose BASE 6 in perfect inter-modularity with a 6mm groove profile environment.
You will benefit from a line of great structural strength, available in light and heavy versions depending on the weight of the parts supported by the assembly.
BASE6 is used for mechanically assembled modular solutions whose specifications require a light yet robust structure.
Did you know that? BASE6 also means that an M6 thread can be made in the heart of the profile to mount a fastener, foot or any other element FIXE.

BASE 6 is an h’ 8 40 and h’ 10 45 standard.


BASE8 is probably the most common section for all extruded aluminum projects. Robust, very solid, this line, with its 8mm groove is the most popular, it is also the one with the most accessories and associated components, which makes it perfectly adapted to all industrial applications such as enclosures, peripheral enclosures, elevators, conveyors …
Did you know that? BASE8 also means that an M8 thread can be made in the heart of the profile to mount a fastener, a foot or any other element FIXE.

BASE 8 is an h’8 40, h’10 45, h’ 8 45.


The BASE 10 profiles in section 45 offers the same advantages and benefits as the BASE8 profiles in section 40. They are therefore a recommended variant for similar applications even with high loads. They are also robust and equally suitable for structures such as work tables, machine frames, transport trolleys, protective cabins and heavy handling systems (the list is not exhaustive).
This groove offers very strong joints.
Did you know that? In BASE10, an M12 thread is made ( this is the trap …) in the heart of the profile to mount a fastener, a foot or any other element FIXE.

BASE 10 is a h’10 45 standard.



Choosing the right type of profile means first of all understanding how your choice should fit together to perfectly meet your industrial needs.

Robustness, choose the right size

All our BASE profile lines are made from square, rectangular or round profiles with an external dimension of 20, 28, 30, 40, 44, 45, 50 or 60 mm. This dimension is the external dimension. Each side of this square is crossed by a groove. Sections can also exist with smooth faces, without grooves

Choose the right center hole size

The central hole allows the fixing of the connecting elements of the BASE UNITS and can allow the distribution of compressed air.

Ensure additional circulation by choosing the appropriate center hole size.

The central hole is used to attach the connecting elements of the BASE profiles and can also be used to distribute compressed air.

Work environment

The h'elcom BASE range of aluminum profiles adapts perfectly to the requirements of your work environments. All our profiles can be equipped with components for electrostatic discharge. Our h'elcom BASE aluminum profiles are available in a closed-face version, making them easier to clean and less likely to collect dust, water, ambient pollution or other dirt.