Move and guide on a linear axis

Linear guidance is defined as the linear movement of a non-motorized mass via a carriage guided along a beam.

The addition of transmission then transforms this guide into a linear axis.


This transmission can be carried out by means of a belt, a ball screw, a chain etc…


 Wide range of linear axes, 6 sizes : 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 and 125.

The positioning systems are made from self-supporting anodized aluminum profiles.

Bahr linear axes feature ease of assembly, a wide choice of load capacities, high working speeds and suitable strokes.

A wide variety of loads is permissible by combining different shaft diameters and profile sections


Categorized  in 3 types of drive allowing multiple combinations for your Cartesian robot realizations.

Mechanical efficiency, speed and accuracy of movement, positioning, and repeatability are optimally coordinated.


  • Linear guides with rollers on shafts fixed in the profile groove


  • Ball bushing guides on independent shafts


  • Linear rail guidance systems with sliding blocks fixed in the profile groove


It is quite possible to mix technologies on the same installation in order to be in adequacy with the expected requirement.

We adapt ourselves to your strokes, your speeds, your accelerations, your loads without forgetting the expected repeatability and of course with great reliability over time.

As always with h’elcom, they are easy to install, fully compatible with h’8 40 fasteners and adapt to all situations.


Belt drive with roller guide 8 D14

Wide range of applications

The support profile of the unit also serves as a guide rail.

Long service life

Compatible with different types of equipment in the range

Synchronization possible

Load increasing / to the previous version

Belt drive with ball guide PS 4-15

Numerous possible configurations

Suitable for medium transport speeds

Long service life under maximum load conditions

High loads

Synchronization possible


The shuttles allow the delivery of components on several lines and can be used with conveyors and/or transfer systems.
Several parallel lines can be supplied by shuttles which significantly simplifies the management of the line.
It’s can be coupled to a lift in order to work on several levels.

Video of linear axis

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