Pallet transfer system TLM 1000

The TLM 1000 transfer system is particularly suitable in a standard system for loads with total weight up to 2 kg per pallet (workpiece carrier + product holder + product). The maximum traction in accumulation mode is 50 kg or 25 kg, depending on the configuration (with reference to a transfer unit length of 3 m).

General principle of Modular Linear Transfer 1000

The movement of the workpiece pallets is ensured by two parallel bands,  smooth ones or notched ones, which facilitates the installation of stops, indexing and other elements. Retractable pawns, housed under the pallet, play several roles:

Guidance by the 4 pawns in the right parts.

Guidance in the cams carried out by 2 pins inside the turns and diversions, the other 2 pins being retracted.

Caracteristics of TLM 1000

Pallet size: 105 x 105 mm and 105 x 155 mm.

Maximum load per pallet: 2 daN.

Movement speed: 10-20 m/min for the smooth belt and 12-16 m/min for the notched belt.

Length of transport unit: from 500 mm to a maximum of 3160 mm.

Maximum accumulation load per motor: 50 daN for the smooth belt and 70 daN for the notched belt.

Motor power: 0.09 kW – 0.4 A (380 V three-phase).

Elements of the transfer system

TLM 1000 are intended for use in a normal industrial environment, such as an assembly workshop or equivalent, in a dry environment.

The maximum load applicable to the transfer system is listed in the catalog and must always be respected.

To guarantee the proper functioning of the transfer over an optimum lifespan, follow the following advice:

× Operating temperature between 0 and 40° C,

× Avoid dusty or smoky atmospheres,

× Avoid the accumulation of objects with sharp edges on the conveyor,

× Avoid positioning the machine under direct exposure to UV rays

The TLM 1000 linear transfer elements are designed for moving and positioning workpiece pallets according to the configuration requested for the end customer. They are intended to be incorporated into the customer’s complete line.


With elcom, various square and rectangular standard workpiece carriers are available. Starting from a fixed latch for the guide pins, which must be maintained, the workpiece carrier can be adapted extensively. This offers significant advantages, especially for the cycle time.

palette unidirectionnelle - transfert modulaire - tlm - 1500 - elcom
  • Unidirectional pallets: compatible with a 180° turnaround, and possibility of adding buffers to reduce shocks between the pallets and reduce noise.
  • Multi-directional pallets: designed for square pallets only, compatible with 90°, 180° and 270° flips, supplied with additional barrels and detection strips.



In this belt line variant, the required flat belt for product transport is moved via a pulley driven by a chain of motor/transmission combinations located underneath it.

In the standard variant, the drives can only be attached to the pulley’s heads.


This variant for the TLM 1000 implements transport of workpiece carriers with timing belts. The use of timing belts increases the transported load and at the same time simplifies maintenance work, since the transfer unit’s belts can be replaced quickly.


  • Cams: cams (ED, EG, SD, SG) allow the passage of pallets between two perpendicular transport units without automation. The pins guide the pallet inside the cams.
  • Diversions: associated with the cams, they allow the pallet to be diverted or held on one side of the conveyor by retracting the pins.

Stopper :

stoppers are used to stop or isolate the workpiece carriers. For TLM 1000 systems, simple or double effect stoppers are available; the lateral guides and sensor brackets to detect workpiece carriers are included in the delivery. The anti bouncing back device is integrated into the lateral guides.

  • RETURN 180° :

The 180° direction change allows the return of workpieces in very confined spaces, e.g. in small circuits or cycle time independent workstations.


In order to carry out controlled processing on a production line, it must be possible to pick the workpieces on the workpiece carriers from the correct position. For this purpose, the workpiece carrier is held in place by the stopper integrated into the positioning unit until the complete workpiece carrier is lifted out into the C rails by a pneumatic cylinder and there is no further contact with the transport medium.

90° reversals:

Allow a 90° rotation of the pallets by blocking and retracting the pawns.


The cams (types ED, EG, SD and SG) enable to change the direction of the workpiece carriers between two transfer units at a 90° angle. The workpiece carriers are driven by two inner pins while the two outer pins are retracted.

These different components and modules make it possible to adapt the TLM 1000 system to the specific needs of a production line, offering flexibility and efficiency in the movement of part-carrying pallets.

The TLM 1000 Modular Linear Transfer is used in various industries where it is necessary to manage the movement of workpiece pallets for the creation of production lines integrating automatic or manual workstations.

It should be noted that the TLM 1000 can be adapted and customized according to the specific needs of each industry, making it a versatile system for transporting workpiece pallets in different production sectors.

Video TLM 1000

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