Nuclear containment airlocks

Nuclear containment airlocks are essential structures in nuclear facilities to control and limit the spread of radioactive contamination during dismantling, maintenance, or access to high-risk areas. The design of these airlocks involves various materials, including aluminum profiles.

Aluminum profiles are often used in the design of containment airlocks due to their advantageous properties. Aluminum is a lightweight yet robust material, making the handling and installation of the airlocks easier. Moreover, aluminum is corrosion-resistant, which is crucial in nuclear environments where durable and resistant materials are needed.

Aluminum profiles also allow great flexibility in the design of containment airlocks. They can be shaped and assembled according to specific configurations to meet the unique requirements of each nuclear facility. This modularity offers the opportunity to build airlocks of different sizes and shapes based on the specific needs of the installation.

A Specific Profile for Containment Airlocks

Elcom is a company that provides industrial solutions for the nuclear energy sector in France. Their products and services are tailored to the entire lifecycle of basic nuclear installations (INB) and are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of nuclear energy stakeholders.


Among the solutions offered by Elcom are furniture and lockers for operational installations. These equipment are designed to meet the safety and functionality standards required in nuclear environments.

Elcom also offers dynamic containment airlocks for the dismantling of nuclear installations. These airlocks enable control and limitation of the spread of radioactive materials during dismantlement operations.

The Advantages of Elcom

The modularity and depth of Elcom’s product range allow them to carry out various specific projects according to the customers’ needs. This flexibility enables them to adapt to the particular constraints of each project.

One of Elcom’s recent advances is the development of a composite profile that allows for superior storage of contaminated material within the same volume while reducing the risk of degassing. This innovation contributes to improving the management of radioactive waste by offering a more efficient and secure storage solution.

In summary, Elcom offers a range of industrial solutions for the nuclear sector. The capacity for innovation allows Elcom to meet the specific needs of customers.

Why Choose the Composite Profile ?

When it comes to solutions in the nuclear domain, especially for containment airlocks, Elcom stands out as the preferred choice. Their offering includes a composite profile specifically designed to meet the requirements of these critical applications.

Advantages of the Composite Profile

The Elcom profile offers several notable advantages. Firstly, it is entirely recyclable and easily decontaminable, enabling effective waste management. Additionally, it is compatible with all accessories, providing great flexibility in the design of containment airlocks. Its fuchsia color is specifically adapted for Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) risk management.

The composition of the Elcom composite profile gives it exceptional characteristics in terms of electrical, chemical, mechanical, hardness, rigidity, and fatigue resistance. These performances have been validated and protected by patents, ensuring the product’s reliability and quality.

Compared to steel, the Elcom composite profile is lighter while being an inert material that offers excellent electrical insulation performance. It is classified as fire M1F1 according to NPF 92-501, thus meeting fire safety standards.

An important advantage of the Elcom composite profile is its ability to package the elements constituting the containment chambers without restriction. Moreover, it is 100% recyclable in various channels such as cement plants or composite materials. Compared to using an aluminum profile, the use of the composite profile reduces the number of drums needed for waste conditioning after decontamination by 6.5 times, offering a more efficient and economical solution.

A Modular Composite Profile

In collaboration with top experts, Elcom allows for the consideration of dynamic containment solutions to be associated with your airlock. The design of the dynamic containment is entirely based on your criteria, and all scenarios are possible, such as air transfer, filtration, ventilation, extraction, and depression control.

Your containment airlock will be made from sections that correspond to your specific needs. If your constraints require larger dimensions or greater depression, it is entirely possible to increase the profile’s section as the entire Elcom range is compatible, thus offering a tailor-made solution adapted to your requirements.

By choosing Elcom for your nuclear solutions, especially for containment airlocks, you benefit from the expertise of a reputable company, innovative technology, and a personalized approach to meet your specific needs.

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