Roller conveyor

Free roller conveyors are simple and economical transport systems. They are made of zinc-plated steel rollers with a diameter of 50 mm. These rollers are placed at regular intervals along the conveyor structure, forming a support surface for the packages.


Besides belt conveyors, roller conveyors are standard conveyor technology. They are used frequently, especially for plastic containers or packages with heavy weights. As with all our standard modules, the support is based on elcom aluminum profiles. Therefore, it is easy to incorporate these modules into your production environment. Besides standard roller conveyors, curved roller conveyors are available. Furthermore, the systems can be designed as driven roller conveyor or gravity roller conveyor.


Rollers offer efficient material handling, and versatility, but they well know for 2 main reasons :


  • Reliable and Low Maintenance: Roller conveyors have a simple and robust design, typically consisting of rollers mounted on a frame. This simplicity contributes to their reliability and ease of maintenance. They have fewer moving parts compared to other conveyor types, reducing the risk of mechanical failures and minimizing maintenance requirements.


  • Cost-Effective: Roller conveyors are generally cost-effective compared to more complex conveyor systems. Their straightforward design and ease of installation result in lower initial investment costs. Additionally, their durability and minimal maintenance needs contribute to long-term cost savings.

Additional roller conveyor accessories

To make your roller conveyor more specific, it can be equipped with various optional accessories that improve its functionality and adaptability to the specific needs of the application precisely meeting your expectations and needs within your industry:

  • Aluminum legs or frame: The aluminum legs or frame serve as structural support for the roller conveyor. They provide a solid and stable base for the conveyor, ensuring its stability during operation. The height-adjustable feet allow the height of the conveyor to be adjusted according to the needs of the application or the ergonomics required.
  • Guide Edges: Guide edges are side barriers that are attached along the sides of the roller conveyor. They prevent packages from deflecting sideways and maintain loads on the surface of the rollers, ensuring stable and secure transport. Guide edges are particularly useful when packages have irregular dimensions or when it is necessary to maintain precise alignment of loads.
  • Pitch between rollers on demand: This device allows you to adjust the spacing between the rollers of the roller conveyor. It is useful when packages have different sizes and require specific spacing for optimal transportation. Adjusting the pitch between rollers helps avoid interference between packages and ensures smooth movement along the conveyor.
  • Fixed Stop: A fixed stop is a fixed barrier placed at one end of the roller conveyor. It is used to stop packages at a specific position and prevent them from moving beyond that position. Fixed stops are often used in package sorting or separation operations.
  • Dispensing stop: Unlike a fixed stop, a dispensing stop is a mobile barrier which allows packages to be directed towards different exit or separation routes. It is used in sorting or distribution systems to route packages to the appropriate destinations based on their destination or category.
  • Acceleration zone: The acceleration zone is a section of the roller conveyor specially designed to accelerate packages. It is usually equipped with tapered rollers or an additional drive mechanism to increase the speed of packages during transportation. The acceleration zone is useful when packages need to be transported a long distance or when a higher transport speed is required.

These optional accessories improve the performance and versatility of roller conveyors. They offer features such as precise package guidance, controlled stopping or distribution of loads, as well as options to adapt to different package sizes and specific application requirements. Judicious use of these accessories helps to optimize the efficiency and safety of package transportation on roller conveyors.

Motorized roller conveyor

The intelligent motorized roller conveyor allows the transport of products while managing accumulation autonomously. The internal control of the roller conveyor ensures pressure-free transport of single loads. Each zone is driven by a motorized roller connected to a fixed number of free rollers with round or Poly-V belts. No master control system is needed.

Video of roller conveyor

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