The elcom lifts allow you to change the level of the workpiece carriers (combined with the use of transfer systems).

An upwards recycling allows the operators to stand inside the line (commonly used for Lean production lines).

A downwards recycling enables space saving as workpiece carriers are recycled under the line.

Angle or inclined lifts recycle workpiece carriers downwards and therefore free up space under the main line as the lift is placed besides. This enables you to position bulky workstations under the transfer system to prevent operators from having the transfer return standing in their legs.

This considerably improves workstations ergonomics while reducing the risks of MSD linked to non-appropriate postures. The lifts can also be used to make changes of levels for packages, boxes and/or crates.

Allow the return of workpiece carriers above or below a line or the distribution of workpiece carriers on several levels.

Manufactured from standard elements, each lift is adapted to the size of the workpiece carriers, the strokes and other line-specific parameters.

Technical data


-Guides + lifting cylinder

-Waiting area for conveyors


H = Lifting height

L = Length of moving conveyor

H1 = Minimum height of conveyor 300 mm

H2 = (if workpiece carriers height < 280 mm) H1+H+280

H2 = (if workpiece carriers height > 280 mm) H1+H

L1 = Total length of lift (L = L+40 mm)

I = Depth of lift (Width of conveyor + 360 mm)

Lift type (workpiece carrier’s entry/exit)

EG-SG (left entry/left exit)

ED-SD (right entry/right exit)

EG-SD (left entry/right exit)

ED-SG (right entry/left exit)

Maximum load: 20 kg

Speed of cylinder stroke: 1m/s

The protective housings for conveyors are not included in the delivery.

On request: timing belt drive or ball-andscrew drive.

Asynchronous or brushless motorization.


The lifting boxes enables you to electronically Lifting boxes of components or assemblies to the height of the workstation or assembly lines.
It is an essential piece of equipment during stacking or unstacking of crates or plastic boxes.

Lifting boxes can also be used for ergonomic purposes at the exits of machines manufacturing mechanical components, by stacking the boxes in order to facilitate handling by operators.

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