Indexing and positioning for a robotic task

In the context of industrial robotics, positioning is of particular importance. Robots are often programmed to perform specific tasks,

Indexing and positioning play a vital role in the automation and efficiency of production lines in industrial robotics.

Indexing principle

Indexing refers to the movement of products or the conveyor system to predefined positions along the production line. It can be achieved using various mechanisms such as pneumatic actuators, electric motors, or servo systems. Indexing is often used to align products with specific stations or equipment for further processing or assembly.

Positioning for Robotics

In automated production lines, robots are often used to perform specific tasks such as picking, placing, mounting products. Positioning operations involve programming the robots to move products to specific locations or workstations with high precision. This requires defining the coordinates or paths for the robot’s movement to achieve accurate positioning.

Solutions for indexing and positioning

For high rate production facilities, indexing is crucial along with the manufacturing operations. Offering  accuracy and precision, indexing pallet transfers are key to improve productivity and efficiency. Indexing pallet transfers are manufactured to cut production lines into defined steps for maximum drive and control depending on the plant environment.

elcom stopper and positioning units

Positioning units for station
They are settled on a table or a frame to ensure accuracy with the other surrounding elements.
A positioning set is necessary for operations requiring accuracy.
2 possibilities: simple effect stopper and double effect stopper

Lift positioning units

Stop and positioning of workpiece carriers at an significant height above the conveyor.
The workpiece carrier is stopped, then elevated to a specific height, while being held by two centering pieces.
An upstream stopper is required.
2 possibilities: simple effect stopper and double effect stopper.

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